So You Think You Can Dance Recap: June 18


Alrighty folks! We're back for another night of Mary Murphy's laughing and Cat Deeley's not-so-fantastic outfits. Oh, and, ya know, those 18 dancers performing for us. But seriously, what was Cat wearing?! And what about Mary's outfit? Ugh. Don't they have stylists? If they do, fire 'em quickly.


Just as a reminder from last Thursday's elimination show: Rayven and Jamie were voted off, like I had predicted. (Mwahahaha). Sorry, I couldn't resist.

And FYI, I don't mean to get American Idol on all of you, but please, please, please don't forget to vote for your favorite dancers. I mean, it could be your vote that determines whether or not they make it to the next round. No pressure or anything.

Anyway, the show started off with a little pre-taped segment of the dancers explaining what they like and dislike about their partners. And it continued before each couple hit the stage. Yeaaaaa - no one said anything remotely interesting.

I won't waste anymore of your time. Let's get to the dancers and their performances, shall we?!



Thayne and Chelsea ;

Dance Genre:


So apparently Thayne is a little superstitious and was knocking on wood left and right during rehearsals. Too bad that didn't do them any good when it came time to perform. Their costumes were a tad, dare I say, hideous? And the routine wasn't all that impressive. Don't get me wrong, they're talented, but my grandmother could have done that routine.

Mia: Great concept, wasn't executed at all. You weren't powerful enough. It was dumpy.

Mary: Well I hate to put a damper on the first number of the night, but I'm going to. I didn't really believe the chemistry this time.

Nigel: I agree, it wasn't real. I didn't believe it. I don't particularly like what you're wearing. (Maybe Nigel heard me. Weiiird.)



Couple: Mark and Chelsie ; Dance Genre: Argentine Tango

These two were one of my FAVORITE couples from last week, but I'm gonna be honest, I didn't know an Argentine Tango existed. However, this is one of Mark's favorite dance styles and likes this "meaty type of dancing." He's a "carnivore when it comes to dancing." Last week they danced beatifully, and this week, their routine was smokin'!

Mia: I am so in love with you two. I love you! You are the most perfect and odd couple ever. You represnt beauty and quirkiness. I adore you guys. It was fantastical!

Mary: You know what I loved about that? (Um, perhaps everything?) Everything! (How'd I know?) I loved everything about that!

Nigel: You have to feel a real sexual tension between the dancers, and I think you handled it brilliantly. Chelsie, I'd like to see a little more fire in your eyes, a little more passion. I'd like to see it a little more sleazy. Great job from both of you.


Couple: Will and Jessica ; Dance Genre: Hip-Hop

These two shocked everyone when they were placed in the bottom three last week after performing the tango the night before. "America gets to finally see me relax with a smile on my face," said Will during rehearsals about the hip-hop routine. The routine was hot, and finally, there were some props: chairs! It was refreshing to see these seriously talented dancers use something other than each other to lean on. Um, I was impressed!

Mia: Well first of all, the choreography was ridiculous. So, Jessica, if you have a partner like Will, you've got to set yourself on fire. It felt a little cheerleader. Will is so powerful - he has the technique, the quirkiness, the whole thing. Will, you're genius.

Mary: Will was over here just kickin' it. You [Will] are a force to be reckoned with on this show!

Nigel: Will, I've got to agree with everything everyone's said. And Jessica, I don't agree with what they said, I thought you did a really good job!


Couple: Matt and Kourtni ; Dance Genre: Foxtrot

They were the first couple placed in the bottom three last week after performing a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore (No, not that Mandy Moore) Oh, and Ms. Moore also choreographed Thayne and Chelsea's dance tonight - maybe she's the reason these dancers that she "choreographs" for are doing so poorly? Just a theory.

Mia: I think it was very great, old Hollywood elegance. Matt, I think you're fantastic. Kourtni, I feel like the only time you feel strength is when your leg is in the air. (Get your minds out of the gutter!) As a whole, I thought the piece was lovely.

Mary: I just love the choreography! However, the rest of it is really a mixed bag for me. I'm left here feeling slightly disappointed.

Nigel: I'm not disappointed. You a very, very strong Matt. It looks great when you partner each other. What I'm trying to get across is that you're very soft in your arms. You must stop that, you've got to keep your strength. There was a bit of a fake performance from the both of you.


Couple: Gev and Courtney ; Dance Genre: Contemporary

Sooo they perfromed a less than thrilling Disco routine last week. But I'm pulling for 'em, because I see lots of potential! But sadly, I am no Nigel Lythgoe. Mandy choreographed their routine (oh crap), but it was surprisingly amazing right from the start. From Courtney's extensions, Gev's strength, and chemistry between the couple, I'll be shocked and a little PO'ed if they're put in the bottom three next week. Golf claps all around for Courtney and Gev! 

Mia: Courtney, I think you did a good job, but I'm going to expect a lot more from you. I wanted to see melt into him more, and I felt like you were kind of the man in the relationship. Gev, so proud of you. You were there for her as a partner. Your movement, I believed you. Congratulations.

Mary: WELL I LOVED THAT!! [Shrill scream] That was hot, I loved the way you guys were moving across that stage. I think the chemistry is just killer together.

Nigel: I think you're a beautifully well balanced couple. You fit each other. I don't think I believed the emotion in the routine, but I think you both danced it well. Gev, I think you have more emotion for her outside the dance than you did in the routine.


Couple: Joshua and Katee ; Dance Genre: Broadway

"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air..." Yup, they did the hip-hop routine to the song "No Air" last week and pretty much killed it. Now, doing a complete 180, the pair had to take on a Broadway style of choreography. Annnnd they killed it again! Totally felt like I was watching a story take place right on the stage, and it was sort of hard to take my eyes off of them because I wanted to see what they did next.

And all three judges stood up to applaud them while dancing around behind their little chairs.

Mia: It was amazing! There's not much more to say after Nigel and Mary. The connection between the two of you is unreal. I would not be shocked if he [Joshua] was up there in the Top 4 with Will.

Mary: The two of you ought to come with a warranty. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Nigel: Entertainment! This guy is a popper! It's absolutely incredible. You've got a popper there doing Broadway. What a beautiful spirt you [Katee] are. That's entertainment at its best!

(Am I on my game tonight or what? I should be a judge on this show!)

Couple: Marquis and Susie ; Dance Genre: Salsa

After their successful attempt at the Smooth Waltz last week, I must say, I was really looking forward to them performing the salsa. He's Puerto Rican and she's Cuban, and what do you know? It was a Cuban-Puerto Rican routine. While I enjoyed watching Marquis, I didn't feel the same about Susie.

Mia: I wasn't crazy about your performance. I feel like, Marquis, it was too much, and Susie, you're hot, I can't deny that. But I did expect more from you because this is your strength.

Mary: It's not quite working for me either, sorry!

Nigel: This salsa should have been fiery, and it wasn't. There were so many mistakes being made.


Couple: Twitch and Kherington ; Dance Genre: Viennese Waltz

I hate to say it, because I love a lot of them, but Twitchington = my favorites! I just freakin' adore them both and absolutely love and enjoy watching them dance. The pair danced beautifully, had undeniable chemistry, and the story behind the choreography just made it even more touching to watch. Twitch and Kherington are definitely a couple to look out for!

Mia: I loved the whole essence of it. Kherington, I'm not so sure you needed to smile the whole time. I feel reality is a little more than smiling the entire time. Twitch, you stepped up.

Mary: I think you are touched by an angel. The way you dance, Kherington, brought joy. It touched me. Twitch, you are insane.

Nigel: What a beautiful routine he [the choreographer] created for you two. You breathed together, and you felt the music together, Nobody could ask more from the pair of you.


Couple: Chris and Comfort ; Dance Genre: Krump

Don't lie, weren't you so excited to see this style of dance on the show?! I was, especially because C&C performed a Jive routine last week. It was a little odd watching these two krump, partly because of the extreme height difference between them, and partly because Chris just didn't look comfortable. It wasn't as powerful as it could have been.

Mia: Comfort, I'm a huge fan of you. Chris, I think you worked really hard this week because you pulled it off. I loved it, so congratulations.

Mary: I have to say, Comfort, I thought you could have hit it a little harder. Now Chris, I thought you were respectable, but I think Comfort blew you away up there tonight.

Nigel: As far as I can see, Krumping, it's an alpha male dance, it's a lion's roar. It's pretty tough and pretty hard. Chris, my granny is more gangster than you. It was weak.


I think Kherington and Twitch are totally owning the competition as of now. But as we have all seen in reality shows like this, we could be thrown a curve ball.

My predictions for the Bottom Three?: Thayne and Chelsea, Matt and Kourtni, Chris and Comfort.

Results show is tomorrow night! So stay tuned to see Flo Rida perform, a group dance routine from Shane Sparks, and who will get voted off!


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