So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20!

And so it begins! Tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, your Top 20 paired up and danced their little butts off in hopes to eventually win the competition. But of course, it wasn't a surprise that host Cat Deeley annoyed me from the start. Nigel Lythgoe just couldn't stop commenting on how gorgeous her legs are (gag) and she announced to, oh, a few million viewers how she spent an hour and a half in makeup.

But enough about my issues with her, let's get on to the competition, shall we?


Couple: Jamie And Rayven (who reminds me of dancer Cheryl Burke, btw) ; Dance Genre: Hip-Hop

The two certainly made it a spicy opening, especially when Rayven pulled Jamie's jeans down revealing some baby blue colored tighty whities.

Nigel: What I'm frightened about a little bit, is, is that routine going to be memorable later on tonight?     

Mary: Well, I hate to put a damper on the very first number of the year, but I'M NOT GOING TO, ALL RIGHT!  

Dan: It wasn't quite there. There was no funk, no funk at all. You have to find a difference between what's light and funny and when you have to break it down.


Couple: Susie and Marquis ; Dance Genre: Smooth Waltz

Though a behind the scenes look at rehearsals didn't look too promising, the pair shaped up and pulled it together, ultimately dancing incredibly well together.

Nigel: The lift, I know you didn't get it quite right, but I'm not sure the audience picked up on it. Very well done! I hope people realize how good you both were in it.    

Mary: You guys pulled it off! You did a great job!      

Dan: I felt like I was watching an almost-perfect ending to a love story. It was sexy, romantic, it was smooth. I loved it.

Couple: Kourtni and Matt ; Dance Genre: Jazz

With Kourtni being 5'9" and Matt reaching 6'3", these dancers have a combined height of 12 feet and reached incredible heights (insert laugh here) as he lifted her during their "Tainted Love" routine. Um, did anyone else think a little S&M was going on while watching this?

Nigel: Fun routine. I think I need more personality, Matt, from you. It's almost like someone took a broomstick and shoved it up where the sun don't shine. (Ouch. Literally.)

Mary: Alright you two dancing giants, I thought you did a great job! The only part that got heavy was when you tried to do that lift, and the landing was very heavy.

Dan: Great choreography, great dancers, great concept, so-so performance. You didn't attack it at all. You played it safe.


Couple: Chelsea and Thayne ; Dance Genre: Cha-Cha

Both are contemporary dancers who aren't used to the "Latin thing," but.. damn, if these two aren't one of my favorites already! I adore them! Both really know how to work the stage, and I wouldn't mind cha-cha'ing up next to Thayne. That boy can moooove.

Nigel: It was a very sexy routine. But it was fantastic. And if you're both not on Mary's hot tamale train, you are certainly standing on the platform!

Mary: Yes, you two get two tickets on the hot tamale train!!!! Thayne, you were with her every step of the way, and I'm digging that brother!

Dan: Damn girl! Sex-ay. From your first move, I saw you make eye contact with Nigel and he didn't know what to do with himself. Unbelievable guys, well done!


Couple: Chelsie and Mark ; Dance Genre: Contemporary

Choreographed by SYTYCD audition judge Mia Michaels, her inspiration behind this routine was Tim Burton. Innnnteresting. And interesting it was. The dance was quirky and out there enough to keep you interested. Yet it was oddly romantic. Oh, and Chelsie's dress was bea-utiful! I like 'em. I like 'em a looot.

Nigel: Mark, Mia has taken your little quirkiness and has taken what you do and made it hers. I thought you both danced it brilliantly.

Mary: Chelsie, holy smokes girl, you are like a little innocent angel and just effortless. You took all of those lifts and made it effortless. If I had a hat, I'd take it off to you.

Dan: I think it was amazing. Great job!


Couple: Twitch and Kherington ; Dance Genre: Broadway

Alright, I've loved Twitch since I saw him audition, and couldn't wait to see him pull off the "Too Darn Hot" dance routine. It was SO SO good. It was entertaining, it was fun. Everything this type of dance should be.

Nigel: Very, very hot. The pair are great! Kherington, you're dancing fabulously. And Twitch, you're a hip-hop dancer - you looked like a Broadway dancer there!

Mary: I need everyone to look up at the ceiling because I think the sprinkler system is going to come on. That was so hot!

Dan: Twitch, you're not exactly a traditional Broadway dancer, but who cares? I've never been one for tradition, you take Broadway by storm!


Couple: Comfort and Chris ; Dance Genre: Jive

So I've been waiting for the jive all night. It's just always so much freakin' fun and full of energy. And with Comfort being an insanely good hip-hop dancer, and Chris being a contemporary dancer, it was something to see! The audience was into it, I was into it, but I thought Comfort's jiving skills could have used a bit more work. But hey, I'm no judge.

Nigel: Well we better get Mary's sprinklers because you were smoldering there girl. Chris, you got a better feel for the routine.

Mary: This girl has what it takes for sure! And you were kicking it! For the first time out, great personality. I thought you did a respectable job for sure!

Dan: Chris, I think you did a wonderful job. You just need to find a chemistry with each other.

PS - What was up with Nigel's impression of Comfort? "Nyyyygel. Nyyyygel. I'm in beeeeads" (referring to the costume she wore.) Um, I would have been a little offended.


Couple: Katee and Joshua ; Dance Genre: Hip-Hop

I was really excited to see Joshua dance with Katee because Joshua's a hip-hop dancer and this was a hip-hop routine and all. It was a little odd that they were dancing to Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown's "No Air," but Joshua's moves totally reminded me of the way Chris Brown dances. Man do I have a huge crush on him.

Nigel: That was really, really good. (He looked in awe while he said that.) I think that's my favorite routine tonight.

Mary: You made it seem effortless. I didn't expect this. It was tremendous.

Dan: You guys killed it! (When commenting of their synchronized moves.)


Couple: Jessica and Will ; Dance Genre: Tango

During the rehearsals, you could already tell there was chemistry between these two dancers. Yea, this tango was HOT to say the least. And the two definitely had chemistry with one another while on stage, which, ya know, helps.

Nigel: They're a hell of a couple. You look professional out there. Will, you're majestic out there. Jessica, I thought you were absolutely wonderful.

Mary: There's just one way I like my tango to be danced, and that was it!!! Strong! Passionate! On fire! You guys are the couple to beat right now.

Dan: You're asked to play a part, you both played your part very well. You were hot like fire up there!


Couple: Courtney and Gev ; Dance Genre: Disco

Aha, I must admit that I was very excited to see a disco routine. Please, like all of you all don't run out on the dance floor at Sweet 16's when the DJ plays that disco mix. Oh, and Courtney's from Long Island (I'm from Jersey so I'm excited for a tri-state contestant!!!) It was a fun, okay routine, but the duo really reminded me of Sandy and Danny from Grease. Yeaaaa, weird because that took place in the 50's.

Nigel: Did I love that? No. There wasn't the feel to it, there wasn't the lovely get down and boogy feel.

Mary: Courtney, you were on a little more than Gev. But you brought it on, those lifts were tough. And if you remember Saturday Night Fever, when John Travolta was doing it, his butt was sticking out all over the place!

Dan: I enjoyed that. Do I think it was the best disco I've ever seen? No. Do I think it was good? Yes.


So while the first episode involving elimination was extremely entertaining and the talent is superb, I don't think it will be hard to choose a favorite. I know, because I have like... 7 couples that I love.

The only negative about the show is Mary and her annoying obnoxious laugh and mundane comments. I mean, you're a professional, give them some criticism they can work with! Not everything is "effortless."

Who do I think will be on the chopping block?: Jamie and Rayven, Kourtni and Matt, and Courtney and Gev.

Stay tuned! The results show is tomorrow night!


UPDATE: Jamie and Rayven were eliminated Thursday night.

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