Soapy aftertaste to breast milk

I breastfeed my five month old and she has recently started solids. I have frozen my expressed milk in Evenflo bags and I use this milk to add to her rice cereal. She made a funny face yesterday as she was eating, so I tried the milk. It had a funny, almost soapy aftertaste. Is this freezer burn? Why would my frozen milk this aftertaste?


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Breastmilk may take on a different smell and taste after being frozen. It can sometimes take on the taste of other foods stored in the freezer, or it may seem sour, rancid or soapy, as yours did.

When breastmilk takes on a soapy smell after freezing it may be the result of a change in the fat structure brought on by the freeze-defrost cycle in a self-defrosting freezer.

Don't worry. You shouldn't have any problems with your stored milk (other than an unusual taste) if you have been handling and storing your milk properly. Be sure that you follow the guidelines below when expressing and storing your milk:

  • Wash hands thoroughly with hot soapy water before expressing your milk.
  • Clean pump parts thoroughly with hot, soapy water in between uses.
  • Use a clean storage container that has been washed in hot, soapy water.
  • Your milk can be safely refrigerated (32 to 39 degrees F) for up to eight days (Pardou, 1994)
  • Breastmilk can be stored in the separate, top freezer compartment of your refrigerator for three to four months.
  • Breastmilk stored in a deep freeze (constant 0 degrees F) can be safely kept for six months or more.

If your baby is unhappy with your frozen milk, once you have used the milk stored in your freezer you may want to consider expressing your milk and storing in the refrigerator . With the new storage guidelines of eight days, using fresh refrigerated breastmilk works well for many nursing moms. My best wishes in mothering!

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