Getting Stains Off Marble Tile

"I have an ugly problem with two of my marble tiles in my foyer. One is my fault. I set my vacuum cleaner on the floor and it was wet and made what I call a 'rust' mark. The tiles are off white/cream colored and it shows up to be a rust color. Soooo, I end up covering it up. I wonder if there is something out there to lift the stain? My second marble tile problem is that about two years ago (please don't gag) my cat threw up on a tile and I found it the next morning. Argh! I cleaned it up, but I think that the acid must have done something to the tile. From across the room, you can see the spot where it was. I have no clue what to do." --iVillager abigail8s


Marble is tricky, so try these at your own risk (but since you have a problem, it might be worth a shot).

For the rust stain: Make a paste of commercial liquid rust remover from the hardware store and powdered whiting from the paint store and cover the area with a 1/2-inch thick layer. Keep it damp by covering it with plastic wrap sealed with masking tape. After 10 to 15 minutes rinse with water, then rub marble with a dry cloth. Repeat if necessary.

Tea and coffee can be removed with the same method, using 20 percent hydrogen peroxide from the drugstore instead of liquid rust remover; since they're organic stains, this technique might work for your cat accident, though since tiles were etched, let's just say it's very iffy.

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