The Starter Wife finale recap: June 28

This is it…the last hour of The Starter Wife miniseries, and there are so many questions left unanswered. Will Molly and Sam’s drastic lifestyle differences continue to keep them apart, driving her back into the arms of Lou? Will she get any money in the divorce settlement? Can Cricket and Jorge save their relationship, and will Joan really stop drinking this time? Get ready for all the final details...

In the opening scene, Molly wakes up in Lou’s bed. She certainly seems to have gotten over Sam pretty quickly, now hasn’t she? (So this is what she meant by "I need a friend." Hm.) Fresh from her little overnight rendez-vous, Molly arrives at the beach house to find Joan pretty T.O.’d. Livid, really. Turns out Molly was the one who ratted her out to Pappi about the lying and drinking, prompting him to come home. “You broke every code of friendship,” she said, bewildered that her friend would betray her. She kicks Molly out of the house and insists that she doesn’t want to see her ever again. Ouch. Molly knows she did the right thing, but it still hurts.

With no other place to stay, Molly heads back to her house and finds Kenny, floating around like a bum in his leaf-infested swimming pool while the nanny watches Jayden. Eager to watch her soon-to-be ex-husband get burned, (and to get him out of the house) she gives him a little “advice” for popping the question to Shoshanna, suggesting he book a fancy hotel suite. Overconfident in his “rock-solid” relationship, he eats it right out of her hand, convinced that she thinks the marriage is a great idea.

Chatting on the phone with Cricket about how good she feels with Lou, Molly appears to be “over” Sam, but then finds a book of his lying around. She goes to return it, and Sam catches her there. They talk a bit about how things can never work—he will never be able to catch up with her world. She still seems pretty bitter, but surprisingly doesn’t go running back.

The summer’s almost over, and with Lou in the picture, Molly’s falling back into her old lifestyle. He has paid all of her expenses for her country club membership, and she’s gearing up for the big movie premiere. She easily falls back into her old patterns, but is that what she really wants?

Pappi takes his beloved Joan to an AA meeting, insisting on waiting in the car until it’s over. And who else is there but Sam, with an extra cup of coffee for Joan. They actually bond bit, and he reassures her that the meeting will be full of people who “get it.” They also talk about how Molly things she can just get people to change out of sheer will, but it’s not that easy. Yay! New friends!

Sam sits at home, staring at the book Molly returned to him. The next thing we know, he is wearing a suit, standing uncomfortably in an office, telling a secretary that he is there to meet Aaron. Is he ready for change? Can he do it?

At the premiere, Molly is radiant as Lou’s arm candy. She’s on every camera, and Kenny and Shoshanna are stunned at her A-list status, while they are stuck at a table in the back corner. Fed up with everything, Kenny tries to get Shoshanna to go up to the suite to he can ask her to marry him She has other plans, and when he says, “Don’t make me ask you here,” she jokingly respinds, “You’re not proposing, are you?” and giggles for about 10 minutes straight.

The next thing we know, Kenny is once again calling Molly in the middle of the night, this time with an “emergency,” and she is kicking herself for agreeing to come. After getting rejected by Shoshanna, he is all curled up and helpless on a bed, thanks to a a little predicament triggered by one too many Viagra. He says he’ll do anything, even sign the original divorce agreement, for a little,“help” from Molly to “relax” him a little, since Shoshanna’s gone and “helping” himself proved unsuccessful. She snaps a blackmail photo of him lying naked on the bed, whips up a quick contract for him to sign, and whisks him off to the doctor. Pretty tricky—since she never really agreed on how she would help.

Molly and Cricket are strolling Rodeo Drive, and Cricket’s not feeling her best. They rush home, and after about 6 positive tests, it finally hits her that she’s pregnant. Cricket is overjoyed, since for 15 years with Jorge she could never do it, and finally has found the image that would replace the old, horrible one of her husband and the nanny. Cricket’s issues: check!

Rodney goes to Aaron’s office, looking to patch things up, when he runs across Sam, struggling with all the new technologies without a clue even of what a Blackberry is (gasp!). He tries to help him out, but, well, Sam has, like he said, a lot of catching up to do. Rodney finds out that Aaron went to Santa Barbara with someone else.

Molly’s with Lou and Jayden at the beach when Nana and Mrs. Caldacott send Sam over to try to win her back. He tells her he took the corporate job, and Lou is quick to step in, informing Sam that Molly is taken. And then the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Molly has to choose one of them. Ultimately, of course, she can’t, so she leaves both of them standing there staring at each other while she goes to try to patch things up with Joan, who reluctantly lets her in the front door. But they both apologize, hug it out, and they’re immediately BFF again. Who didn’t see that one coming? Best friend issue: check!

Newly inspired by their rekindled friendship, Joan and Molly go back to the old apartment where they used live . They get a kick out of seeing their old digs, and when Molly find out there’s an open apartment, and she decides to start over, without Kenny’s money. But then they look at the tiny closet and get realistic. Cut back to the divorce battle.

Of course, Kenny’s lawyer tries to argue that the heat-of-the-moment contract isn’t valid, and they continue to bicker. Eventually, Molly gets fed up with the fighting and stands up for herself, in the climax of the hour, and pours her heart out about how she gave up her life to fulfill his every need—personal and professional—for the entire duration of the marriage, and that she worked just as hard as he did. She begs Kenny to just forget the lawyers and split the money, and he confesses that he is falling back in love with her. “You had your chance,” she says. They lawyers look at each other, bewildered at what just happened. Then, Molly goes back to Lou to thank him for everything he did for her, but says that she needs to start over on her own.

Fast forward a few months. Cricket, Joan, Lavender, and Rodney are celebrating Molly’s birthday, and everyone’s exchanging gifts. Cricket asks her to be the godmother to her daughter, Joan gives her the ‘six-months sober” symbol from AA. Molly hands everyone a copy of her newly-published children's book, and reads off the sappy dedication page. She announces that she is finally ready for a relationship. When they all ask "who," the answer seems pretty obvious. They are all excited as she goes running back to Sam, her true love. Aww. Like we didn't see that coming.

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