Stress at daycare

I have my 2 year old son in daycare. The daycare supervisor says that my son is slow to adapt and showing signs of stress at the daycare. I don't know what to do. Should I take him out of daycare and have him at home with a babysitter? Quit my job and stay home with him?

What are the signs of stress in a toddler? She says that he is crying about little things. That the noise in the room seems to overwhelm him at times and he needs time alone without the other children interfering with his play.


It may be that your little boy is not ready for school yet. He may be too sensitive for all the noise and tumult that occur in a classroom. The fact that he cries about little things and needs a lot of time by himself may point to his not being ready, rather than his being stressed. If you can quit your job and stay home with him, that, of course, would be an ideal solution. But most people can't afford to. Hiring a baby sitter, or a person who watches several children in her home are other possible solutions. I would take him out of school and try one of these alternatives.

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