Is stuttering normal for a toddler?

My toddler has a very large vocabulary. The problem is that she stutters. It seems to happen when she says certain words at the beginning of a sentence or when she is very excited. Is this normal?


Stuttering is often part of normal development, although not always. If your daughter is trying to get her thoughts out quickly, she may be tumbling over her words. This is very common among young children who have a large vocabulary and a burning desire to express themselves! If this is the case for your daughter, the stuttering should be gone in a few more months, as her ability to speak catches up to her ability to think.

On the other hand, if you notice that the stuttering appears when your daughter produces a particular sound, then you should take notice. Sometimes children stumble over a sound or sounds that they are having difficulty mastering. A speech therapist can help correct this by actually showing your daughter how to make the sounds, and by helping her practice them. (You will also get the lessons to practice with your child.) This is a relatively simple course of action, and a very effective one. It would still be a good idea to discuss this issue with your child's doctor and seek help if her stuttering continues.

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