Sugar Levels in Urine: Should I Be Concerned?

I am almost eight months pregnant. In my fifth month, blood sugar was found in my urine, but the diabetes test came back normal. They are giving me other blood-sugar tests, and sugar keeps showing up in my urine. My doctor thinks it is what I eat and says it is normal to spill sugar in the urine. I am concerned because there are times when my sugar is four-plus. Is this anything to worry about?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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Glucose in the urine -- glycosuria -- during pregnancy is not necessarily abnormal. About one-sixth of pregnant women spill sugar in their urine due to changes in the kidney filtration system. Try to avoid intake of concentrated simple sugars in the diet for 24 hours before your next visit to the clinic, (of course, you would want to do this anyway). Things such as sodas, candy, sweetened cereals, pastries, desserts should be avoided.

If you have had the standard tests for gestational diabetes and these are normal, it is unlikely that you have diabetes. However, you may be at increased risk for yeast infections and urinary-tract infections due to the amount of sugar in the blood. Postpartum, it may be a good idea to have a three-hour glucose-tolerance test, if this has not been done during the pregnancy.

Try not to worry.

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