Teaching your kids not to hit

My young son is always hitting other kids if they frustrate him at all. I try time-out, but he refuses to stay put. I take things away but he still doesn't care! How do I teach my three year old not to hit?


The most important factor in teaching a young child not to hit is to make sure he doesn't see hitting at home, or is not hit himself. Since you are trying time-out, you are certainly on the right track. A young child who hits should be immediately removed from the situation where the hitting occurred. If he is in a playground, then pick him up and go home. If he is outside your home playing, then he has to come inside. If he is inside the home, then he should go to the room where he sleeps, which represents a safe place for him.

As you remove him and put him in another place, such as his room, tell him that he needs time by himself to calm down. Don't tell him anything else -- he won't be able to pay attention when he's upset. (If he won't stay in his room, it is important to walk him calmy back to his room.)

Your son needs to understand that he is not being punished, but is experiencing the consequence of his actions. Then, AFTER he has time to compose himself, when he's calmer, you can talk more about your family's "no hitting" rule.

Positive results will not happen overnight, but this method can be very effective if are consistent.

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