Teething: Does teething cause a high fever?

Is it common for teething to cause high fevers in children 10 to 18 months old? My child has had a 103-105 degree fever every two to three weeks. It appears to have started when she cut her first teeth.


That fever seems very high to me! A low grade fever may not necessarily be unusual. You should see your pediatrician because there may be some other cause for your daughter's fever. Fevers, especially that high, usually indicate some type of infection.

Eruption of baby teeth can be accompanied by a variety of local disturbances. The gum tissue can appear somewhat "overgrown" or bulbous. There can also be excess salivation. Sometimes, redness may occur in the skin of the cheek next to the erupting tooth, possibly accompanied by a rash. The back teeth are more likely to cause problems than the front teeth.

Babies that are teething seem to want to bite hard objects like teething rings. To ease the discomfort, a parent can use products such as Baby Anbesol or even a little mouthwash, such as Scope or Cepacol, on a Q-tip. Do not use mouthwash after the teeth have erupted because they often contain sugar. If the baby has trouble sleeping, you might check with your dentist or pediatrician about using baby Tylenol or some other pain killer or sedative to help all involved parties get a good night's sleep.

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