Thank-You Note Basics

Dear Ms. Demeanor:

Do you need to send a thank-you note for birthday and Christmas gifts?




You bet. However, etiquette rules say that if we thank the person who gave us the gift on the spot, a thank-you note is not necessary. If we don't -- and perhaps even if we do -- I think writing a note is the least we can do, and we should do it often.

Think about it. It's such a small thing, such a tiny investment of our precious time; probably far less than the one the giver expended to purchase or make the gift. And it creates such goodwill. I know you didn't expect me to get up on my soapbox, but if everybody took just a tiny slice of time each day for small gestures of kindness and goodwill, the world would be a more harmonious, peaceful place. It's when we harden our hearts to being sensitive to others that violence and chaos rule.

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