Three Ways to Make Moving Easier

I have discovered that we will need to move this summer to another house. We're not sure where yet because it depends on where my husband lands a job. What is the best way to start getting ready? --iVillager sante0001


Here are some things to consider.

  1. You really want to get rid of everything you do not need, especially if there is a chance you might cross state lines where your moving truck will be weighed at a station! Then you'll not only be paying an emotional price but a financial one.
  2. Once you buy (or rent) the new house, make a list of every room in your current house. You can transfer some of the treasures of your rooms easily. Kitchen utensils will always go in the kitchen. But the room you call 'guest room' in the current house may be the 'den' in the new house. Then make a list of all the rooms in the new house.
  3. You want to label things carefully for the movers. I also hope you will let them pack! If this is the case, you can put up a sign in each room that says where the contents are to go in the new house. Then, at the new house, put up signs that identify the new rooms. Why? Because time is money and the fewer times the movers have to stop and ask questions, the better it is for your pocketbook. If you do have them pack, you can also save yourself some money by packing easy items like linens and books.
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