Three years old and still in diapers

My son is almost three years old. In the morning, with no diaper on, he will go to the potty unassisted. Because he will be starting preschool he will need to learn to use the potty. I tried "big boy" pants over the weekend. He was excited and proud at first, but within ten minutes he wanted his diaper back on. What can I do?


It sounds as if your son is already on his way to being potty trained. He just needs a little help realizing it.

Sometimes it's difficult for children to give up the safety of their diapers, even when they are no longer comfortable in them (when the diaper is wet or soiled). Your son needs to be helped into the role of "big boy." It may be just the right time to throw away the diapers. Celebrate this transition, giving him "big boy" underpants. You can welcome him into the world of growing up by taking him out for a special treat. This way, he can see that growing up has its advantages.

Naturally, the first few days of success need to be met with enthusiasm and encouragement on your part. It won't be long until he has settled into his new accomplishment. And remember to be patient. It's common for a newly potty trained child to have "accidents."

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