Tilted (Retroverted) Uterus

I've been told I have a retroverted or "backward-tilting" uterus, but I am not completely sure what this means. Could it be a cause for difficulty when using tampons? I also sometimes notice pain during intercourse when "deep thrusts" are involved. Is this related?



The uterus can lie in basically three positions: anteverted (tilted forwards, towards the bladder), midposition, or retroverted (tilted backwards, towards the rectum). None of these positions is abnormal, unless anteversion or retroversion is so severe that the uterus is basically folded in half at the level of the cervix.

A significantly retroverted, or backward-tilting, uterus may produce some difficulty with tampons or intercourse. This is because the object inserted into the vagina may push upon the body of the uterus. Especially with discomfort with intercourse, this may be helped by trying different positions, such as the woman on top. If severe, a surgeon can sometimes resuspend the uterus into a midposition; this surgery may either be done via the laparoscope or through a "bikini cut." The vast majority of the time, however, no intervention is necessary.