Tipped Uterus: Will a Tipped Uterus Affect Your Pregnancy?

I am in good physical shape and three to four weeks pregnant. My doctor has told me in the past that my cervix is "backwards." Will this affect my pregnancy or delivery?


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When a provider comments that your cervix is "backwards," he or she is probably referring to the uterine position, which does affect the cervical angle. Most uteri are "anteverted" -- positioned so they flex up towards the bladder and the abdominal wall. About 10 to 15 percent are "retroverted" -- angled back towards the rectum and spine.

Your provider was probably feeling the position of your uterus as being retroverted and the cervix would then be directed anteriorly or toward the front of your body.

Unless the flexion is very severe so that it might impede the direction of flow of the semen, it would not affect fertility. As a pregnancy progresses, the uterus enlarges and takes on a "middle" position as it rises into the abdominal cavity.

Very rarely, the uterus becomes "incarcerated" and maintains its flexion and does not rise into a mid-line position. The pregnancy can miscarry if this does not correct itself. But this is so rare that you need not worry about it.

I would imagine by the 10- to 12-week mark, your uterus would no longer be "tipped" -- "backwards" -- and the cervix would then be located centrally in the vagina. This should cause no difficulty for the pregnancy or for labor and birth.


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