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Fake It 'Til You Make It: 7 Tips to Rehab Your Overplucked Eyebrows

Put down the tweezers. Growing back your brows takes patience -- but a few tools and tips will help you on your way

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A few strategies can help avoid an awkward growing-in phase and speed regrowth of overplucked eyebrows
Over-the-counter and prescription brow boosters can kick-start brows’ growth cycle
Certain products can disguise bald spots in eyebrows

It starts with a simple tweeze here, a pluck there. And, next thing you know, your eyebrows have gone from overgrown to barely there. Ladies, back away from the tweezers.

Growing your eyebrows will take some time -- anywhere from six weeks to a year. But a little (okay, maybe a lot) of patience and following our tips will help you go from painted-on Bette Davis to beautifully bushy Brooke Shields without too much pain. That should raise a few brows, don’t you think?

Buy a brow booster

Clearly, you’re not the only one overplucking, because there are plenty of products on the market to help grow out your eyebrows. Brow serums aren’t exactly cheap, but if they help your hair grow back faster, they might be worth the investment. Check out the Anastasia Beverly Hills No Brows, No Problem kit, which includes a peptide-infused serum (apply morning and night), a pencil to help define the brows you have left and a gel to condition and keep hairs in place ($59 at

Get clinical

You can also ask your doctor about whether Latisse is an appropriate option to help you regrow your brows. Although the prescription product is currently only FDA-approved for eyelashes, some dermatologists are using it off-label for brows. Keep in mind, however, that bimatoprost, the formula's active ingredient, interrupts hair's growth cycle, causing them to reach lengths much longer than they would naturally. The odd consequence? You'll have to trim the newly revived hairs.

Use a brow gel

You’ve stopped the plucking, but still have some hairs that need taming? Find a product that smooths things in place. We like Benefit’s Gimme Brow, a colored fiber gel that sticks to your hair, making it look thicker and natural ($22 at

And concealer

Just like leg hair, eyebrow hair can look like stubble when it starts to grow back. You’re going to want to pluck, but don’t do it. Instead, hide any redness with concealer. You might also try a pigmented gel, like Make Up Forever’s Aqua Brow, which goes on creamy and offers color (matching your brow hair) at the same time ($20 at

Become BFFs with your brow pencil

If you went way too thin on your brows, it’s time to thicken things up the old-fashioned way: with makeup. Find a shade that matches your brow color (or is a bit lighter) and use small strokes to fill in your patchy areas. Top the pencil shading with a powder (also in the same shade) for a more natural look. Not sure how it looks? Take a selfie and you’ll be able to see where you need more balance, less color, etc.

Ditch the magnifying mirror

There is such a thing as getting a little too up close and personal when it comes to brow tweezing. Standing in front of your regular mirror will help keep you from plucking too many hairs as your regrowth gets to a point of grooming again.

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Temporary eyebrow tattoos camouflage sparse brow hairs.

After years of being disappointed with her sparse brows, Los Angeles-based beauty blogger Mindy C of Pretty Gossip took the bold step of getting them tattooed. Sound scary? Mindy reveals that the idea frightened her too, so she opted for an ink that fades away within two years. “I only recommend semi-permanent tattoo for your brows,” she says, explaining, “You never know when/if your preference changes, and even though you might not want to think about it… your skin and brows will sag and shift with age.”

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Certain foods can encourage faster brow growth.

One reason regrowth stalls as we age: our production of collagen, which surrounds and supports each strand of hair, slows down. To boost collagen, increase your intake of Vitamin C (abundant in strawberries, red peppers and, yes, citrus.) You’ll also want plenty silica, zinc and iron, all critical for healthy follicles, hair grown and keratin production.

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A lighter eye pencil gives darker brows a more natural look.

Years ago beauty blogger Emily Schuman, the style-setter behind Cupcakes and Cashmere, over-plucked her self-described unibrow. Now Emily has thick, natural-looking brows, thanks to patience and a neutral blonde Laura Mercier brow pencil that’s a few shades up from her natural color. “My eyebrows are very dark naturally, and this color is a lot lighter, but it helps to make them seem like they’re not overdone,” she explains.

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Prescription products can speed up brows’ regrowth.

“If you’ve tweezed like crazy for years, it may seem like all those hairs are gone for good. But brow-hair growth slows down after age 30, so it can take over a year for some hairs to reappear,” says dermatologist Jeanine Downie, M.D. “Brushing on Latisse -- the prescription lash-growing serum -- is your best way to speed the regrowth process. And keep applying it after the hairs have grown in: “Otherwise, the follicles that stopped producing before could slow down or stop growing again.”

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