Toddler: My toddler likes to run around naked

My two year old takes off all her clothes, including her diaper several times a day and runs around naked. It wouldn't be so bad if it only happened occasionally, but I lose my patience because it's always such a battle to get her dressed again. I don't mind the nudity so much, but now she has started going to the bathroom on the floor! Should I just let her run free and natural or is this a problem?


This is an example of perfectly normal development. Children of this age often like to run around with no clothes on. And they certainly are not fond of having a diaper put back on them.

Noted parent advisor John Rosemond suggests that you allow your child to go without clothes and a diaper to encourage potty training. He says that they will learn more quickly in this manner because children hate to have anything dripping down their legs.

You can certainly begin to train your child to use the potty at this age. You can tell her that if she wishes to remain without any clothes, then she has to use the potty. Try placing a potty in the room where she spends the most time, and see if that works. But don't be concerned if it doesn't work, as she is very young.

If you want to keep her in clothes, be consistent. She'll get the message if you keep putting her in clothes as soon as she takes them off. This will be more work for you in the beginning. Or you may decide to put her in just a diaper and a t-shirt when you are home. Then she'll have fewer things on and will be more comfortable. And there won't be so much of a struggle for either one of you.

And don't worry. Children reach a stage where they all sound like Greta Garbo asking for privacy: they vant to be alone!

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