Toddlers: Ideas for healthy finger foods

My nine-and-a-half-month-old daughter is now eating table foods, such as Cheerios, small bits of banana, crackers, small bits of precooked ham, cheese, graham crackers and sometimes bits of fruit. She often refuses veggies, so I give them to her via baby foods. Can you offer ideas for healthy finger foods to try?


Sue Gilbert

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Your daughter has a good start on a healthy, varied diet.

There are some wonderful finger food meats that you can offer your daughter. Make some mini meat or chicken balls by using very well ground up meat, adding bread crumbs if you like, and forming into little balls that she can pick up herself. To make sure they are moist, try cooking the meatballs in broth instead of baking them in the oven.

Looking for more ideas?

13 Fun Finger Foods to Try:

  1. Steamed veggies (sweet potato sticks, peas, carrot sticks)
  2. Grated soft cheese
  3. Large curd cottage cheese
  4. Tofu chunks
  5. Soft cooked legumes
  6. Soft ripe fresh fruit, like banana, peach, papaya, demembraned orange
  7. Soft cooked fruit like apple chunks, pear slices
  8. Hard cooked egg yolk
  9. Ripe avocado
  10. Toast sticks
  11. Mini-muffins
  12. Cooked pasta shapes
  13. Stale bagels for teething

Look for simple natural foods that are not hard or slippery. Serve them in sizes and shapes that make them easy to pick up and chew.

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