Toddler's sleep disrupted after move

Since moving five months ago my two-and-a-half-year-old son has been waking once or twice during the night. He never gets out of bed, but calls for me to adjust a slipped blanket or replace a lost pacifier. He then goes right back to sleep. I can't fall back to sleep easily, is there any way to keep him from waking in the first place Should I let him cry it out?


Although I know that the cry-it-out experts are popular right now, I do not advocate that method of getting a child to go to sleep. What message does it give? That a little child cannot rely on his parents to comfort him when it is needed? It is difficult to imagine why this would be worth doing, when it gives a sense of the untrustworthiness of the world to a young child. (See "Childhood and Society", by Erik Erikson, a great book, especially the first chapter, "Basic Trust vs. Basic Mistrust.")

Your child has had a disruption in his life from the move. He apparently needs a bit more reassurance at night. If your son needs extra comfort in the night, it's up to you to give it to him. It won't last forever and will make him a more secure child.

Try switching off with your partner every other night, so that at least one of you gets a good night's sleep. Also, try napping when your child does during the day. I know this is a hard time, but it will pass, and your child will be psychologically healthier in the years to come from the attention you pay him now.

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