Too Many Morning Glories

Our garden is over taken by morning glories. Last year I spent most of my time trying to rid this vine from my garden. Is there anything I can do to eliminate or reduce them?

-- iVillager mommylipps


Morning glories are next to impossible to get rid of once they go to seed. But, here are few remedies.

Lay down black landscape cloth to cover entire area of veggie garden. Just dig out hole in cloth where you want to plant seeds or plants. The cloth will eventually kill off the morning glory sprouts. The second remedy is to spot spray with Round-Up which I don't like using....but once in a great while, you've just got to go for it.

And the third remedy (which I did successfully in my garden two summers ago) was to vigilantly weed out every single morning glory runner as soon as it appeared. That takes tremendous discipline and a high level of frustration tolerance. If you proceed with the third remedy and then next fall lay down the black landscape cloth, by next spring you should be totally morning glory free.

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