Toxemia: Is It Likely to Recur?

I was diagnosed with toxemia in my 40th week of my first pregnancy. The delivery was horrific. I am now 23 weeks pregnant. Several doctors have told me that I am at high risk for toxemia even though I show no signs. I really want a VBAC. Is toxemia likely to recur?


Without knowing the details, I can't say whether it would be likely to recur or not. Toxemia is usually a first pregnancy disease, so that would make it unlikely to recur.

When you say the delivery was horrific, that makes it sound like the toxemia was quite severe. While it is still unlikely that toxemia would recur, this severity would probably increase the odds of recurrence. If you have a tendency toward kidney disease or high blood pressure, that would also increase your risk. Barring any of that (and assuming that the baby's father is the same one as the first, since switching dad's puts you back to the first baby risk level), the likelihood of recurrence is small. We would watch for it closely and I would have a tendency to deliver you a little early (38 to 39 weeks) just to try to avoid a 40 week problem.

Try to rest easy. If you want to take a baby aspirin a day, that can help reduce the risk of toxemia in high risk patients (which you don't technically qualify for) discuss this with your care provider. Keep in mind that aspirin may increase the risk of placental separation (abruption).

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