Transplanting a Peony Tree

I would like to move a peony tree. It has been in the ground for probably 15 years, so it is very well established. Are they touchy about being moved?


Peony trees are part of the same genus of over 30 of these perennials, shrubs and sub-shrubs as the familiar peonies. And like peonies, they tend to be a bit fussy when trying to be moved. That being said, I would not let that deter me. I took over 25 peony bushes from one of my beds two years ago -- divided all of them and then transplanted them.

Though they are all doing fine, it has taken them awhile to regain their vigor. Have a lot of patience if you are going to take on this project. You will have to make the decision on how badly you want to move this tree and if you're willing to risk it. But, sometimes you just have to take those chances. One thing - do wait until the fall before moving it. Good luck!

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