Traveling to Exotic Locales With a Toddler

We're going to Costa Rica for 8 days. Any tips on traveling there with a two-year-old?

-- iVillager honey r


Traveling with my children when they were toddlers was often hard because they put their fingers in their mouths all the time. To keep them healthy, I carried anti-bacterial gel (better than handi-wipes) and we washed our hands with it often. It's available in small plastic bottles in grocery and drug stores. I packed clothing for my kids that they could wear in layers, numerous cotton t-shirts, (never white), sweat shirts, shorts and pants. Even in the tropics it can be chilly at night, so pack warm pants and a jacket. Our pediatrician warned me that my children should wear something on the soles of their feet at all times when traveling overseas. Sandals are for the beach wear only, not for touring. If your child stubs a toe or gets an open cut on the foot, infection is possible, so take lots of socks and comfy shoes (like tennis shoes). Have a great trip and be sure to come back and tell us about it.

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