The Truth about Men and Strip Clubs

What does it mean when your boyfriend enjoys strip clubs? Should women take it personally? Can you explain what it might mean to the guy? --R


Dear R:

Some men really and truly enjoy this visual form of stimulation only for their fantasy entertainment. Others do think about taking that fantasy further, which could include fantasizing about strippers during sex with their partner, or even wishing to form a real-life relationship with a stripper. However, for most healthy, normal men, watching a woman strip is an old form of entertainment and will never cease to excite.

That said, a man's enjoying strip clubs can certainly feel threatening to the woman in his life. I suggest you talk to him about the level of interest he has in this, and let him know how much it would bother you if it got out of proportion. Also, keep in mind that what really matters is that he comes home to you -- and makes plenty of love to you -- and not to a stripper.

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