Trying to Conceive: Can Robitussin Increase Cervical Mucus?

I have heard that a woman can use the over-the-counter medication, Robitussin, to increase cervical mucus, which may ultimately give couples with fertility problems some help. Is this true?


There is some anecdotal evidence (not substantiated in the medical literature) that the active ingredients in Robitussin cough syrup change the mucus to make it more penetrable to sperm. Some recommend that a woman take two tablespoons per day in the two to three days preceding ovulation. There have been cases where women have had allergic reactions to this medication, although it is widely used and generally considered to be safe.

Under the influence of estrogen, the cervix produces abundant, thin stretchy, lubricative mucus which is receptive to sperm. During ovulation, women typically produce such mucus; however, due to conditions which also cause some types of infertility, the cervical mucus can become thick and viscous and the sperm die or are not able to penetrate it effectively and quickly.

Your best course of action, of course, is to check with your care provider prior to taking this medication. Read Toni Weschler's book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility for further information on how to achieve pregnancy in the face of many different types of conditions that may cause problems with fertility.

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