Trying to Conceive: Can Timing Influence Gender Outcome?

We have three boys and want to know if there a way to help increase our chances of having a girl.


I wish I did have some sound advice about gender selection. I would make lots of couples very happy.

There have been attempts at gender selection by placing semen in a centrifuge and using the top half of the product for artificial insemination when trying for a boy, and the lower for a girl. Reports are that "girl sperm" found on the bottom have a longer life span and the "boy sperm" found on the top have higher motility.

Some folks believe that if you have sex closer to ovulation, the probability is higher that the child will be male, based on the high motility and the shorter life span. Girl sperm hang around longer, but do not have the same level of motility. I've not seen any data to support that this "at-home" system works.

This is a very controversial topic and the insemination procedure is still experimental and not generally available to the general public. But you might find a center where this is being done under a research protocol.

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