Trying to Conceive: Experiencing Cervical Mucus Changes While Taking Clomid

I am using Clomid and I appeared to ovulate really early. My first temperature dip this month was on day eight! Can I have what looks like fertile, stretchy cervical mucus after I've ovulated?


Fertile cervical mucus, also called peak mucus, is clear, thin and stetchy. After ovulation, progesterone abruptly suppresses the peak mucus and the mucus pattern continues with sticky mucus for a day or two, and then returns to dryness.

Whenever there is sufficient follicle development to raise the estrogen above a threshold, some mucus can be found at the outside of the vagina. If there is no continued follicle growth, the mucus is sticky, pasty and does not change over a period of days to the more slippery, stretchy and clear mucus.

Clomid changes cervical mucus patterns on an individual basis, so you might have to get used to a new pattern in terms of buildup of mucus and interpretations of peak mucus. You may want to visit the Billings web site. I recommend that you contact one of the centers as I have great confidence in their ability to interpret fertility signs and charts. Let them help guide you in this process.

I hope your dream comes true very soon.

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