Trying to Conceive: How Long Does it Take?

My husband and I are both under 30 and in good health. We have been trying to get pregnant for the past few months, but nothing has happened. How long does it typically take for couples to conceive?


Peg Plumbo CNM

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A woman's chance of getting pregnant varies with her age.

Chance of Conceiving in Any One Month, by Age:

Early 20s: Up to 25 percent conceive
Late 20s and early 30s: Up to 15 percent conceive
Late 30s: Up to 10 percent conceive

Your Chance of Conception

If you are in your late 20s and early 30's and are having sex without birth control two to three times a week:

60 percent will conceive in six months
75 percent will conceive in nine months
80 percent will conceive in twelve months
90 percent will conceive in eighteen months

It would make sense to contact an infertility specialist now if you have a a family history of infertility or irregular periods, a history of STDs, repeat abortions or miscarriages, gynecological procedures involving the uterus or surgeries/trauma to the pelvis.

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