Trying: Could I Have a Sperm Allergy?

I have just begun trying to conceive, and I'm experiencing vaginal itching and a frequent urge to urinate. I don't think I'm pregnant and I don't have the white dischage associated with yeast infections. Could this be a "sperm allergy," which could prevent conception? Also, is it safe to use Monistat during pregnancy?


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If you have always had intercourse with your husband while using a condom and, suddenly, when you use no protection, you develop symptoms, it is wise to consider an allergic response.

But this is a very rare allergy, and your symptoms point more to a yeast infection than to an allergy. Itching is a classic yeast symptom, whereas pain and burning would be more typical of an allergic response.

You can use Monistat cream during pregnancy, although the manufacturer will say that any medication should be avoided during the first trimester. It has, however, been used many times in the first trimester; the systemic absorption is minimal. The fact that there is a cream present in the vagina, however, may well interfere with sperm transport and sperm life, so it would be best to treat just before, during and just after the menses. This happens to be a good time to treat for yeast anyway.

You should really be evaluated by a practitioner. Have a urine culture as well because frequency of urination is more a symptom of a urinary-tract infection than of a vaginal infection.

Go ahead and treat with Monistat to see if the itching goes away. Also, sometimes when couples are trying to conceive, they change the frequency and pattern of intercourse, which may result in irritation.

Try not to worry, but do visit a community clinic or Planned Parenthood office to get the infection checked.

Good luck.

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