TV Recap: Lost March 6, 2008

back to the flashback...


I love those miniature sand boxes where you can comb over them in someone's office.  And that's where we find Juliet waiting for her therapist, Dr. Harper.  Their initial interview says she has been there a week.  Apparently, Juliet doesn't like being treated like a celebrity.  She feels alone with her newfound attention.  They seem to be in some kind of facility and Juliet is away from home.  But Dr. Harper just says welcome to the island.  What?  Island?  Then Ben's old goon who I thought was dead shows up.  What the heezy?  Apparently this isn't a flashforward but a flashback.  It's when she came to the island.  No way!  Totally tricked!  Juliet gets walked over to a house where Ben stands with flowers, waiting for her.    Her tells her that she is set up with a washer/dryer, her own home, etc.  She thinks she'll only be there six months, but Ben smiles saying he wants her to be comfortable.

In the “present,” Juliet sets up her own place to sleep.  Sun comes over to help set it up.  She wonders why Juliet feels the need to do extra work when they are being rescued.  Jack comes running over to say that Charlotte and Dan are missing.  Jin saw them leave into the jungle.  Jack asks why Jin let them leave, and he says it’s only because Jack considers them friends.  The four of them split up into the jungle, in the rain, to look for them.  Juliet starts hearing whispers and suddenly her old therapist, Dr. Harper appears. 

 afternoon delight…

While the rain pours down on Juliet, she asks what Dr. Harper wants.  Apparently she is there to deliver a message from Ben.  Ben says Charlotte and Dan are going to Tempest to kill everyone on the island with the gas.  Juliet wants to know how Ben is using Dr. Harper as a messenger when Ben is a prisoner.  Dr. Harper says Ben is exactly where he wants to be. He is?  Hmmm…interesting. Now Juliet needs to go to the Tempest to kill Dan and Charlotte.  Jack finds Dr. Harper and Juliet, and then Dr. Harper says Jack should go with Juliet.  Then Dr. Harper flees and we hear the whispers of the jungle again.  So creepy!

In a flashback, Juliet is crying alone in a backroom.  She hears someone in the medical facility and he’s injured (a burn?) looking for gauze.  Juliet says that she’ll help him.  Apparently someone had died earlier that morning from pregnancy issues and she’s upset over that.  The guy says Juliet should talk to Dr. Harper.  Then she insults Dr. Harper only to find out this guy is Dr. Harper’s husband, Goodwin. (Sidenote:  Isn’t that the guy from Season 2?  He was digging a grave and he was the person not the list with the tail end.  Ana Lucia figures it out and they leave him down there or something…can anyone help me with the holes?) She tells him that if he won’t share her insult with his wife then she won’t share that he got a chemical burn. 

In the jungle, Juliet tells Jack that they are heading to the Tempest.  It’s an electrical station that powers the island.  Jack says if there is something she needs to tell him then she should do so now.  She just asks for him to help her.  If they move all night then they can catch them.  Jack just nods his head and they keep going.

In the bright sunlight, Charlotte and Dan look at a map.  He wonders if he can’t do it.  Do what?  Charlotte seems to have faith in him…but why?  Because he doesn’t want to kill people.  That seems weird.  Kate stumbles upon them and Charlotte points a gun at her.  Dan says, “It’s okay, it’s Kate.”  Kate seems kinda shocked, as Charlotte grimaces.  Is Charlotte grimacing because she now can’t shoot?  Why is it okay that it’s Kate?  Aren’t they trying to kill everyone?  Or is Ben leading Juliet astray?

 secrets exposed…

Kate tells Charlotte and Dan that Locke has Miles.  Kate asks why they aren’t at the beach and Charlotte makes up some lie about the satellite phone dying.  And they need to find a pack they lost to recharge it.  Kate sees the phone is still lit green.  Then asks to see Dan’s bag.  She finds batteries in his bag, but Charlotte knocks Kate out.  Dan looks surprised

Juliet discusses her crappy relationship with Dr. Harper after Jack asks some questions.  Then she snaps at Jack saying there are some things in his past that she is sure he doesn’t want to discuss.  Therefore, he should just respect there are some questions about her past that she won’t answer. 

In the lab, Juliet shows Ben some slides in the microscope.  Their hands are touching…gross.  Then Goodwin barges in.  Ben seems to think something is up.  Goodwin offers Juliet an egg salad sandwich, but she says she ate and she has an appointment with Dr. Harper in ten minutes.  Kinda awkward.  Something is going on. 

Juliet is in therapy with Dr. Harper.  Harper asks what Juliet thinks of Ben.  And she says everything is fine.  Then Dr. Harper says it should be because Juliet looks just like “her.”  Who’s her?   Suddenly, Dr. Harper accuses Juliet of sleeping with Goodwin.  Juliet gets up to walk out.  Apparently Dr. Harper followed them and she watched them so she knows.  Dr. Harper says it doesn’t matter anymore, but Juliet needs to end the relationship.  Dr. Harper doesn’t want Goodwin to get hurt.  Juliet says she would never hurt him.  But Dr. Harper is talking about Ben.

Claire goes over to Locke and asks what’s going on with Miles.  She wants to talk to him herself.  Locke doesn’t want to let her do it, but Claire makes a plea that she’s less intimidating then Locke and Sawyer.  Tricky Locke.  He tries to tell Claire that Charlie warned them so they should listen. But Claire doesn’t fall for his crap.  She says all Charlie said whose boat it isn’t…he never said whose boat it is.  Locke won’t budge.

Locke goes to see Ben in the basement/prison.  He drops off necessities (clothes/food).  And then Ben asks if the revolution has begun yet.  Locke wants to know what Ben means.  Apparently now that Locke is the leader, Ben thinks his followers will get upset when they know Locke doesn’t have a plan.  Ben is willing to strike a deal with Locke.  He wants to be set free to sleep in a bed and eat with utensils.  He gets that freedom and he’ll tell Locke everything he knows.  Locke says he doesn’t trust Ben.   Ben says that he’ll just have to show Locke then.  Hmmm, show Locke?  Sounds like he’s propositioning him. 

 bargaining chips…

Juliet comes out of the ocean in a swimsuit and drinks some wine with Goodwin.  They have a beach picnic.  Very cute.  They seem to really be in serious lust.  She actually seems happy.  Goodwin wishes they could do this all the time.  Juliet doesn’t think it’s such a good idea.  She thinks Ben wouldn’t like it.  Goodwin says that Ben has a crush on Juliet.  And everyone knows. Goodwin asks what could Ben possibly do.

Flash to Oceanic 815 crashing.  He sends Goodwin and Ethan into the jungle to investigate. Juliet and Dr. Harper make eye contact.  Something is up with Ben sending Goodwin.

The rain has stopped and Juliet and Jack are running through the jungle.  They feel as if they should have caught up with Dan and Charlotte by now.  They hear Kate groaning and find her coming to.  It’s a bit awkward for Juliet as Jack embraces Kate…jealousy?  She offers to go get Kate water.  Jack asks Kate what happened.  Kate tells him the story and then says that Dan and Charlotte had gas masks.  Jack calls for Juliet but she’s gone. 

Over at Casa de Crazy, Ben and Locke hang out in Locke’s living room.  Locke asks if he can trust Ben.  He could run to meet his people.  Ben says if his people wanted him they would have stormed this camp long ago.  Ben tells Locke to go to a safe behind a picture.  Locke opens the safe and finds a video that says Red Sox on it.  Do the writers love the Red Sox?  BLAH!  Ben says he taped over the game.  The tape shows some kind of homemade movie.  In the video we see Charles Widmore, Penelope’s father.  He says this is the man who owns the boat off shore.  The man who has been trying to find the island.  In the video, there is another man blind folded – one of Ben’s associate who got caught.  Charles wants to find the island because he wants to exploit it.   Charge people to experience its miracles (i.e. Locke going from a wheelchair to walking jungle man of power).   Charles will do everything in his power to possess the island.    Ben hands over a file about Charles.  Everything he knows/guesses about him.  He apologizes for not sharing it sooner.  It’s the only bargaining chip he had left.  Locke asks whom the man on the boat is that Ben is in cahoots with. 


Kate and Jack track Juliet and the “rescuers.”  Jack wants to know why Kate stayed with Locke. She tells Jack that she needed to find out whether or not they know she is a fugitive.  Kate says they should keep going to find Juliet.

Juliet is at The Tempest.  She seems apprehensive but she starts to let herself in.  The power door line has been cut so she lets herself in manually. She lifts up her gun and goes toward the interior.

In the past, Ben has set a meal up for him and Juliet.  Juliet says she thought it was a dinner party.  And he apologizes for not letting her know it would only be the two of them.  He thanks her for being so good with Zach and Emma.  Juliet says the kids have been asking about their mother in Los Angeles.  She seems to think Ben should share more with them.  Juliet starts asking about everyone on the list from the tail section.  Since they are all accounted for/taken care of, she thinks Goodwin should be back by now.  Apparently he has taken a liking to Ana Lucia and wants her to be part of their group.  He’ll be back soon enough.

Juliet goes into The Tempest and sees Daniel working on the computer below.  He seems unaware of her presence.  Daniel has his gas mask on and some suit that resembles Michael J. Fox’s in Back to the Future.  Next thing we know the Delorean will pop up and Doc will be talking of the future.   Dan says, “Juliet, what are you doing here?”  He seems not upset that she’s there but disappointed she followed them. 

fight for your right...

The computer says manual override failed. Juliet pulls off Dan’s mask while she points her gun at him.  If he must do this, he’ll die with the rest of them.  Suddenly Charlotte knocks Juliet over the head.  They start to struggle and the system starts having a countdown.  Juliet gains the upperhand and rips off Charlotte’s mask.  Charlotte explains that Daniel is trying to make the gas useless.  Ben could use it against them.  Juliet hesitates.  She watches Dan render the gas useless.  They are trustworthy. For now.   Aren’t they?  Who knows.  It’s Lost. 

In the recent past, Juliet sits in the lab and Ben comes in…creepy per usual.  She’s read Jack’s file.  He’s a spinal surgeon who can help Ben.  She thought Ben would be more excited, but something is wrong.  Ben just says that he needs Juliet to come with him.  He brings Juliet to a spot and apologizes.  She doesn’t understand until she sees Goodwin’s dead body with a stake through it.  She asks why Ben showed her.  Then Ben says, “Why you instead of his wife?”  Juliet accuses Ben of sending Godowin to his death.  Why would he do that?  Then Ben flips out saying she has to understand that she is his.  He has done everything to get and keep her on the island so they can be together.  After he freaks out, he gets scarily calm and says, “Take as much time as you need.”

In the present, Juliet and Charlotte leave the facility.  Kate points a gun at Juliet.  Juliet says that it’s okay.  And Kate still doesn’t trust them.  Charlotte says she’ll show Kate how Dan just saved their lives.  Jack approaches and says he’ll take their word for it.  Kate and Charlotte go inside.  Juliet tells Jack that Ben wanted her to kill Dan and Charlotte.  Ben knew how to get to Juliet and she doesn’t know how.  Juliet says these people have come to wage war against Ben, and Ben will win.  And Jack should be far away from Juliet when that happens because Ben thinks she is his.  And Ben knows how Juliet feels about Jack.  Jack comes over and kisses her...passionately.  And Jack says that Ben knows where to find him.  They embrace, and it seems really genuine.  But what about Kate?  So confusing.  But most relationships are.  Right?

Back at the ranch, Sawyer and Hurley play horseshoes and it’s almost like normal living.  Then they see Ben roaming free with his bed linens.  Sawyer and Hurley clearly get riled up about Ben being loose.  Ben just says “See you guys at dinner” and goes on his merry way. 


Final Thoughts

Next week we’ll be back with Sayid and Desmond.  But I really wanted them to reveal who Ben’s inside man is.  I hope it’s not the guy from the control room.  And I like how things are starting to make sense.  Last year, I started to get apprehensive over the show’s direction.  Then April came and it was AWESOME.  Now there aren’t any crazy “no way” moments…but we are getting closer to answers.  I look forward to see how things unfold.  Jack will end up still loving Kate…we know this.  But what happens to Juliet?  And I would love to give a HUGE shout out to Stephen who reminded us of what Charles Widmore bid on last week. Book from the Black Rock.  Genius.  Ben’s love for Juliet…did anyone catch that before tonight?  Have I been as dense with that as I am in real life with other people’s crushes?  And I know we’re not the EW Lost blog here, but let’s get some comments up people.  I appreciate everyone from last week (Stephen, Heather, csmiller and queen b)…but let’s keep the comments rolling in.  

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