Two year-old still wants pacifier

When and how is the best way to break my daughter from the "binky" (or pacifier)? She is almost two and goes all day without it at daycare, but it's the first thing she wants when she gets home. Then she keeps it dangling out of her mouth all evening.

Is it too tough on her to just throw it away and let her tough it out? I tried weaning her from it somewhat, but she cries for it and is very insistent that she wants it back.

Sometimes I can distract her with something else and she forgets.....but sometimes, she is single-minded and stays focused on what she wants (her BINKY) until I give in.


It's perfectly fine for your daughter to have a pacifier at home. She's very young. It's really a bit soon for you to ask her to give it up. As long as she understands that it's not for school, or outside the house, I would just let her enjoy the comfort it gives her for awhile longer.

If, in a few months, you get to the point where YOU can't stand it - a separate issue - then there is a way to break the habit. You talk about the fact that she is growing up, and needs to stop using the pacifier. You pick a day when you are going to throw it out together. Then you "reward" her with a "big girl present" - maybe a tricycle, or a game she has to be bigger to play. Maybe an extra book or a few extra minutes at bedtime.You explain that she was a big girl today, so she gets a big girl privilege. Your daughter will miss her pacifier but she will also see the advantages of growing up.

This method won't work, however, until your child has some idea that actions have consequences - which will be when she's a lot closer to three. Until then, if you can, it would be good to let her enjoy the comfort of her binky.

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