Updating a Flea Market Chair Cheaply

"I've got an upholstered armchair that I bought at the flea market. The fabric is in pretty good shape, I just want to spruce up the way the chair looks a little bit. What can I do that's fast and cheap? I don't want to pay for re-upholstery." --iVillager susanorrie


I’m a flea market junkie myself, and it’s never a bargain if you have to spend extra money to reupholster. Short of seeing your fab flea market find, here’s some short-cut ideas: First, use a luxurious throw to drape on the chair. Pick one that has a soft color or texture. There are some great cashmere look-a-likes out on the market that feel so soft to the touch. Sometimes I actually like to tuck a beautiful remnant of vintage fabric right into the back of the chair. If the arms are wearing a little thin, think about sewing on suede elbow patches, the kind you would sew onto a man’s blazer. Some patches even come with an iron-on adhesive for the “sewing challenged” like me. Also, think about using some luxurious fringe on the bottom of the chair. I love to use really thick fringe that I just staple gun or glue gun to the bottom of a chair or sofa. Finally, never underestimate the power of the pillow. One gorgeous silk or velvet pillow will give your old chair a new lease on life.

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