Urinary tract infection during pregnancy

I am 18 weeks pregnant. Last week I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and was put on the antibiotic, macrobid, for seven days. I finished the medication but still feel like I still have an infection. I expressed my concern and the nurse told me that they were going to do another culture, but they didn't put me on another antibiotic. They will be sending the specimen off for tests. Why would they wait to find out what kind of organism is present before prescribing another antibiotic? I am worried that this untreated infection may affect my baby. What do you think?


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I can understand your concern and you are correct that untreated urinary tract infections (UTIs) can cause complications such as preterm labor. However, you have been treated appropriately for the majority of organisms that may cause UTIs. The test that they are most likely doing is a culture and sensitivities.

At this point, it is especially important to see if the organism is resistent to macrobid and what antibiotic is specific to the organism. This test usually takes about four days and this is not a significant period of time for complications to set in.

Try not to worry. Increase your fluids and drink cranberry juice or take cranberry capsules until you get the results.

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