Uterine Health: Is Enlarged Uterus Cause For Concern?

I have an enlarged uterus. I can feel it, like a little ball just above my pelvic bone. My doctor did an ultrasound, and he says everything is normal. I don't understand that. I've never had an enlarged uterus before, and it's a little sore sometimes. My periods are normal and always on schedule. I can't find any information about an enlarged uterus. Could you explain it to me and tell me why my doctor says it's nothing to worry about?



There are many causes for an enlarged uterus. If the doctor did an ultrasound to rule out abnormalities, then your uterus may just sit high in your pelvis, so that you can feel it. This is usually due to scarring from previous surgery, endometriosis or infection.

The other possibility is that you are feeling a full bladder -- many thin women will feel a bulge or fullness above the pubic bone when the bladder is full. It may be the bladder itself or it may be the uterus, which does rise out of the pelvis a bit as the bladder fills. If you feel the lump, empty your bladder and see if it gets smaller.

If the ultrasound is normal, and if you are not having any pain or menstrual irregularities, there is nothing to worry about. You may just have a uterus that sits higher than the average person -- I guess you might say you are above average!