Vacation: Will your baby wean?

My husband and I want to take a three-day vacation. I am breastfeeding our son, who will be four months old at the time of our trip. I am extremely concerned that he will refuse to breastfeed when we return. I feel strongly about breastfeeding and feel it is a very important part of the baby's first year. Will my baby "give-up" breastfeeding when I return?


Debbi Donovan

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There is a chance if you do decide to go on a vacation that your baby will refuse to nurse upon your return home. It is impossible to tell ahead of time how your baby will handle your absence.

If you decide to go away, you have about a month to begin to stockpile some of your milk in the freezer. You can express your milk in the morning before your baby's feed, and again a few times throughout the day, following feeds. When you express your milk after a feed, don't be concerned if you get only a small amount.

I can really understand you wanting to get away for time alone with your husband. It is very important to maintain a loving and close relationship with your partner while parenting. With busy schedules, this can prove to be quite difficult at times.

There are few options that you might want to consider:

  • Take your baby. A baby of this age is quite portable. He will be at the age where he isn't yet crawling around, exploring his world. Depending on his napping/sleeping schedule, there might be quite a bit of time for the two of you to be alone.
  • Bring a sitter. Hiring a sitter to come along and help with your baby can give you the best of both worlds. You can book separate rooms in a hotel and know that you're available if your baby needs to nurse or just wants some extra cuddling. You still benefit from time alone with your husband, and privacy, so you can really reconnect with each other (and not feel guilty about doing it!)
  • One night get-aways. If three days away from your baby seems too long right now, you might want to try fitting a couple of one night get-aways into your schedule. This can be a nice break for you and you husband, and you might find this less stressful to your baby.

Very best wishes!

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