Vaginal muscle tone after birth

This is a problem that a friend of mine has. She has a five-month-old baby. Apparently my friend gets a bit of air in her vagina somehow and sometimes it makes embarrassing noises as it comes out. What might cause this and is there anything she can do about it? I don't know if there is any relationship but she also is plagued with thrush.


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What an interesting question. After a few babies, the vagina does not return to its pre-delivery tone as quickly or easily (if ever). Air is normally kept out of the vagina by the closure of the vaginal walls against each other. But due to the laxity of those walls, air can easily go in and out. The active metabolism of yeast can add to this problem.

She could start a regimen of exercise including abdominal crunches, leg lifts and knee reaches as well as several hundred kegel exercises every day. Elizabeth Noble in her book, "Essential Exercises for the Childbearing Year" has a good outline of all the activities that should be done postpartum. She should also use a course of Terazol cream which is used to treat difficult yeast infections.

Within 3-6 months, this annoying symptom should go away.

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