Variation in Tooth Eruption Times

How much variation is there in the average age at which permanent teeth erupt? We are trying to determine an age for our newly adopted son. He has his first two permanent molars. His lower teeth are ready to erupt. We were told he is 4.5 years-old. Doesn't that seem too young for him to have permanent teeth?


There can be alot of variation in tooth eruption times. The average age for eruption of the permanent lower incisors and first permanent molars is about six years-old. Your son's current age estimate is not unreasonable--especially if his primary teeth were early to erupt. Radiographs of his mouth would be helpful to determine the rate of development of his other teeth. This determination would help compare development of the teeth you mentioned with the other teeth in his mouth. While determining age based on dental records can hold some accuracy, dental age does not always equal chronological age. Your pediatrician should also be able to help you determine the chronological age of your new son.

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