Venus and Mars: Decorating Ideas to Please You Both

My husband and I have very different decorating styles. I'm a flowery, Victorian type, while he's a bearskin-on-the-wall-and-pictures-of-wild-animals type. What can I do so the house doesn't look like a disaster? --Morgan


With his call of the wild and your primrose sensibilities, try a look that's called safari chic. Ralph Lauren does this really well. It's Out of Africa meets traditional English gentry. It's the hunt club meets the English garden.

Tattered leather and skins against floral carpets, and deep burgundy and green velvet upholstery with your floral-accent pillows, could be the compromise you both can live with. Leather wing chairs, sofas studded with nail heads and aged brass lamps with black shades, backdropped against his primitive artifacts and animal etchings in mahogany frames, and it's a real look. It's tailored enough for him and luxurious enough for you. Try it! You can do it!

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