Wall Hanging for a Formal Dining Room

In my formal dining room (furnished with a 12-person-table) I have a very large and empty wall. I found some great upholstery fabric that I would like to sew into a tapestry and hang on the bare wall. The material is very colorful, strong and heavy. My table and china cabinet are very formal but I would like the room to have more of a casually elegant feel. Any suggestions on creating a wall hanging that won't look too homemade or informal? -iVillager fasinfoxy


We like your idea of the tapestry. Tapestries usually depict scenes, so make sure the fabric you selected looks somewhat authentic. Finish three sides with an even hem. Consider bordering these three sides in velvet. We suggest using a wood curtain rod (matching the dining room furniture) and bronze, wrought iron or brass with simple finials to hang it on the wall. Loop the top edge of the fabric (tapestry) and pull the rod through. Voila!

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