Weeding the Lawn

My husband calls my little garden plot an experimental weed & crab grass farm. Any suggestions on how to get it up to par for this season? My husband says the weeds may have set in deep.

-- iVillager Maureen


Well....unless you want to spray with a weed insecticide (which I don't recommend), I would advise that you get outside and clean up your 5' x 5' garden area the good old fashioned way -- by weeding! Tell your dear husband that even though the weeds may deep, you're a strong woman and can handle the job.

I love Japanese weeding tools and I have about 5 of them that I keep on hand. By the way, there is nothing more rewarding than getting into the 'zen' of weeding. I get on my hands and knees and have a blast!

To prevent weeds in the future, put down a black, plastic weed killer mat or use mulch.

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