What age for first visit to the dentist?

I have a fifteen month old. He has six teeth. Should he be seeing a dentist yet? And if not, what age is appropriate for his first visit?


Your child's first dental visit should occur near their first birthday or 6 months after their first tooth erupts.

In order to make the first visit "fun" and non-threatening, I usually give the child a ride in the dental chair and "count" his or her teeth. When I "count teeth", I am really completing a dental exam and checking for caries (tooth decay). Your dentist should also get an idea of what their bite (occlusion) looks like. Occasionally, I will also clean their teeth on a first visit.

By making the first visit short and easy, children have a better attitude about their return check-ups. I recommend that children should see their dentist every six months so they get used to visiting the dentist regularly and any decay can be discovered and treated early. Preventative dentistry has generally been a great success for our patients and the dental profession alike.

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