What Are His PJs Telling You?

Does what he wears (or doesn't wear) between the sheets say something about who he really is? We got six guys ready for bed to find out!

1. His teddy bear

"I'm not embarrassed that I still sleep with Ernesto, the teddy bear I got for my 8th birthday."
‑- Stephen, 26, journalist

Ernesto has bleach stains and is faded from the sun, but he still has the original plaid bow tie I've come to know and love. He's just so familiar and comfortable to me ‑- a cross between an old pal and a favorite pillow.

It's not like I can't sleep without him ‑- I certainly don't bring him if I'm staying at a girlfriend's house ‑- but I do like having him around. My mother once asked me when I'm going to outgrow the whole thing, but to me, it has nothing to do with maturity.

Of course, my buddies give me grief whenever they see Ernesto ‑- one hums The Care Bears song. And when girlfriends come over for the first time, there's usually an initial look of shock. I've even heard through the grapevine that a few women have found the bear creepy. But that just shows a lack of a sense of humor.

For the most part, girlfriends have found my attachment to Ernesto funny. And since I like spunky women, I don't mind if they tease me. One woman took him hostage and joked, "You've got to choose: me or the bear." That's definitely better than a woman who thinks my sleeping habit means I'm sweet and sensitive. One of my exes admitted she thought the bear was a sign I'd make a good father. I told her to slow down.

2. He Sleeps Nude

"Sleeping naked is my escape from the everyday grind."
‑- Albert, 29, singer/songwriter

I love the cool feel of the sheets against my body and the sense of freedom sleeping naked gives me. Plus... it's easier to have sex! It's easier in the middle of the night; it's easier in the morning. The ritual undressing is already done. I can just roll over, and it happens.

I started sleeping naked in my late teens, after an older woman seduced me and showered me with compliments about my body. It gave me tremendous confidence, and from then on, I didn't want to cover up. I also find pajamas really uncomfortable: They're too warm and restrict my movement. In fact, I barely ever even cover up with a bathrobe.

But my nude habits have gotten me into trouble. About three years ago, I was dating a woman from a conservative family. Due to a failure in communication, we didn't know her parents (who were visiting) had returned home. Late at night, I went to the refrigerator naked, of course ‑- and when I turned around, her mother was standing there and started screaming!

Afterward, my girlfriend and I laughed about it, and luckily, her mom never brought it up. So I didn't let that event change my PJ (or lack thereof) practice. Besides, if people can't deal with nudity, so be it. They're missing out on a great feeling ‑- and a lot of fun!

3. He Sleeps in T-shirt and Boxers

"Women like my body, and I think my bed-wear showcases it well."
‑- Roger, 25, actor/model

I actually slept naked up until about six years ago ‑- the night I slept through a fire drill in my college dorm. When I finally awoke to find my floor evacuated, I ran full-speed out of my building with only a pillow to shield me. I didn't realize it was just a drill until I came dashing out of my dorm butt-naked to be greeted by all my neighbors hanging out on the street. I decided then that it was safer to wear clothing to bed.

Next I went through a tightie-whitie phase, but I got negative feedback. Once, a girl stopped short in the middle of making out with me, pointed at my briefs, and asked, "What are those?" Then she went and got a pair of her own shorts for me to put on!

Now, I just go the safe boxers-and-T-shirt route. I usually wear plain-old white Hanes boxers, but I also have Calvin Klein ones and some patterned shorts with things like polar bears or Miller Lite logos on them.

I even have a glow-in-the-dark pair that say "No no no!" in the light and "Yes yes yes!" in the dark ‑- but I only wear those if I'm out of clean underwear.

It's the T-shirt on top that's really the most critical, though. I just can't wear a tank top with a woman; a muscular guy in a tight tank looks too intimidating.

4. Tank Top and Briefs

"My briefs are snug. They provide a feeling of comfort and security."
‑- Touie, 29, bartender

Traditionally, guys in briefs make people crack up. But I couldn't care less. I wear them to sleep with a ribbed tank almost every night. Since I usually work until 3a.m., I just take off my clothes and jump into bed when I get home. It's easy; my pajamas are already on. I'm comfortable with my body, so it doesn't bother me to sleep in such skimpy attire. In fact, I can't understand why most guys wear boxers to bed. They're uncomfortable in the front and they ride up your butt.

I think women's negative impression of "tightie-whities" dates back to high school, when girls giggled about the idea of making out with a guy in geeky briefs. But the women I've been with ‑- once they get over the novelty of it ‑- like my bedtime attire. They think I look natural and manly. One girl even told me my pale skin next to my colored briefs is sexy in a boyish way. Plus, my little bubble butt looks great in tight underwear.

It's a different story with my friends. My roommates think my bed-clothes look stupid, so I avoid walking around in them. Oddly, I think heredity might have something to do with my choice: My dad used to wear briefs to bed. But, no matter how much I like them, I want to make one thing clear: I won't wear a Speedo.

5. Pajama Set

"Pajamas help me unwind; they add respectability to the bedroom."
‑-Paul, 36, Internet developer

I started wearing full pajama sets about 10 years ago, to please my then-girlfriend. She'd bought me a heart-patterned set for Valentine's Day, and though I thought it was lame, I wore it to make her happy. But then a funny thing happened: I got used to pajamas.

Now, I love the warmth and security they provide. (Plus, I don't mind how they help hide the results of a missed week at the gym!) I have a lot of different pairs: plaid flannels, a red and white striped set, a pair with cartoon figures. I even have red silk ones that an ex got me. In fact, most of my pajama sets have been gifts from women. It's a vicious cycle: A woman notices I wear pajamas, so she thinks they would be a clever present to get me. Then I wear her gift out of obligation ‑- and inevitably end up liking it.

My current girlfriend likes how my pajamas prevent me from perspiring on her in bed. In fact, most women I've been with like them because they necessitate foreplay ‑- at the very least, there's undressing that needs to take place. Though there was one girlfriend who laughed out loud the first time she saw my getup.

But that didn't stop me. I mean, you dress for work, for baseball, for a wedding. Why not dress for bed?

6. Pajama Bottoms

"My pj look works because I have a tan, strong body. You just can't go shirtless with a belly."
‑-Jamie, 26, advertising producer

I started wearing drawstring pajama bottoms, without a shirt, to bed every night after seeing the look in a men's-magazine ad: The guys looked cool, sexy and comfortable. So I got a few pairs ‑- Nautica and Calvin Klein flannels, a pair of cotton Tommy Hilfigers and a few hospital scrubs ‑- and started getting great reactions from women. I especially liked how girlfriends played with the drawstrings, which are sort of phallic.

Most of the women I've dated have had a favorite pair. One girl even stole one! I kept clothes at her house, and when we broke up, I went to pick them up ‑- but my pj bottoms weren't there. I guess she decided to keep them as a reminder. Actually, another girlfriend had a least favorite pair. She'd complain when I wore these certain scrubs I'd gotten at a college sorority formal; she felt like they were a relic of an old flame. One night, she took them off me (good) but then said I couldn't ever wear them again (bad).

Whether or not a woman is around, I feel sexy in my bottoms. Sometimes, when I'm alone, I pretend I'm one of those guys from the ad. I look in the mirror and say, "Damn, I look good!" But I especially work my sexiness when a woman spends the night. In the morning, I cook her French toast wearing only my bottoms. Nobody can beat a sexy chef!

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