What Are Some High Protein Breakfast Ideas?

I would like to see if anyone has any ideas for high protein, easy to make breakfast meals. I am not picky about meat or eggs. Just a little bored of eating scrambled eggs every morning.


Here are some quick and easy non-egg ideas for you to try:

  • Peanut butter on raisin toast -- it's yummy!
  • Cottage cheese and pineapple (or whatever fruit you prefer).
  • Cheese toast. You can use your toaster oven. Slice French bread, cover it with Monterey Jack cheese and top brown in the toaster oven. My daughter gobbles this stuff up!
  • My husband always makes a slice of whole grain toast and puts a couple slices of lean turkey on it. Yes, that's his breakfast -- he never was a cereal eater.
  • My daughter eats tuna for breakfast. Hey, whatever works when you're trying to get a kid to eat in the morning!
  • Make a breakfast fruit shake and add powdered protein supplement that you get from the health food store!
  • String cheese or cheddar cheese and fruit. I like grapes and fresh pears.