What Exercises Can Help Make My Hips Smaller?

What type of exercises can help me make my hips much smaller?


That's a common question. The bad news is that if your hips are wide, part of that is a function of your bone structure: wider pelvis, wider hips.


The good news is that if you fall into that category, you probably tend to be "pear"-shaped, as opposed to being "apple"-shaped. That means you store fat on your hips rather than around your waist. You will have lower risk for heart disease, although it is frustrating buying clothes.


You can't "spot"-reduce, so adopt a comprehensive exercise program to lower your overall body fat and increase the amount of lean muscle you carry on your frame. Work up to doing aerobic exercise three to five times a week for 30-45 minutes each time. You'll burn more calories the longer you spend exercising, so walk, don't run, to extend your exercise time. Cycling and in-line skating are other great ways to burn calories and have fun too.


Floor exercises like leg lifts don't work enough of your gluteus to be effective in building strength (lean muscle) and reducing body fat. Do exercises such as squats and lunges to firm up your lower body. We outlined a "butt" workout a couple of weeks ago. If you're not doing any weight training, start with a routine like the one I recommended there.


by Liz Neporent