What foods contain citric acid?

I have a sensitivity to citric acid which got worse while I was pregnant. I believe my son has it as well. I can check the ingredients list on bought food but is there a list for natural food? I can remember what fruit I couldn't have as a baby but there are many new fruits and vegetables available now and I would like to get an idea before I start solids. Any help?


Sue Gilbert

Sue Gilbert works as a consulting nutritionist. For many years she worked with Earth's Best Organic Baby Food, integrating nutrition and... Read more

Dear Jennifer,

As the name implies, citric acid is present in citrus fruits including lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits. It is also present in pineapple. As you are already aware, many many foods use citric acid as an aid to control the acidity. This allows food processors to shorten the amount of time they need to cook certain foods, thus maintaining nutrients, color and flavor. Continue to be a careful label reader to see what foods have citric acid added. Many jams and jellies, as well as many canned and frozen fruits and vegetables contain citric acid.

I do not have a comprehensive list of all foods that contain citric acid in their natural state. Perhaps you can obtain such a list from the Food Allergy Network. Contact them on the internet at http://www.foodallergy.org.

Thank you for writing.

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