What kind of fish to serve? (9 months)

My daughter is 9.5 months old. I know she can have fish, but what kind and how much? I haven't tried her on Cheerios for fear of her choking, they seem so small, should I go on and try it? I give her Earth's best yogurt for lunch everyday. Can she have adult yogurt as well?


Sue Gilbert

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You have some good questions. I am so glad to see someone wanting to feed fish to their baby. Did you know it is a staple in the diet of Japanese babies, and they even make jarred baby food with fish? I would love for us to make an Earth's Best jarred fish product, but the laws defining 'organic' for fish are not in place yet. The best fish for your daughter are the more mild varieties that flake easily when cooked. Bluefish, catfish, sole, haddock, flounder and salmon are good choices. Just watch out for those bones!

Go ahead and try the Cheerios. She may gag on occasion, but that is part of the learning process. Just be sure you are always present when she is eating them. Other finger foods are good too, like teething biscuits, stale bagels to teeth on, large curd cottage cheese, chopped hard cooked egg. etc. Nine and a half months is a good age to let her become proficient with those finger foods. Cheerios are fine because they are easily gummed and dissolved away in her mouth, unlike a peanut, for example, that, although it is the same size as a Cheerio, cannot be mashed with her gums.

Adult yogurt is fine for her. Choose the whole milk plain variety and add your own pureed fruits. The store bought flavored varieties have way more sweetener than she needs. There are some delicious organic yogurts on the market now.

Thank you for writing.

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