What kind of makeup should I wear in the warmer months?

What kind of makeup should I wear in the warmer months? I want to look polished but natural.

Collier Strong

Collier Strong

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Spring and summer are the perfect time to lighten up your look! Start with a light-colored highlighter, either liquid or powder, and highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye. Then use a bronze eye shadow, lightly applied in the crease of the eye and smudged softly on the base of the lashes top and bottom. This gives the eye definition without being “done up.” Then use two coats of black mascara, top and bottom, allowing it to dry in between application coats. Comb through lashes with an old, clean mascara brush. Brush through lashes to take away any clumps and keep them looking fluffy. Next use a coral shade of blush, applied to the apples of the cheeks and back towards the ear and a tiny bit across the bridge of the nose and the point of the chin, as this gives the skin a sun kissed glow. If coral isn’t your color, you can do the same with pink. Next use a coordinating lip color or gloss. Finally, highlight the cheekbones with a liquid, crème or powder highlighter. This creates a shimmery highlight in those areas. All of this is to bring the skin to life, adding a touch of definition to the eye, giving you a simple, overall, fresh-faced spring/summer look.