What Men Notice about You

What do men notice about your dress, your thoughts -- your breasts? To find out, we had four women undergo radical outfit, personality and body changes during a date. Are men as shallow as we think?

Date 1 -- She wore three different dresses
Emily: When I met Rob at the bar, I was wearing a clingy red dress with spaghetti straps. Two other red dresses with different necklines were folded in my purse. I was really nervous about the switches, because I had to go into a bathroom stall and jump into the dresses really fast. I thought for sure I'd come back to the table with a boob hanging out of my dress! We ordered drinks, and I waited about 35 minutes before excusing myself. My first change was into a low-cut, scoop-neck halter dress. To me it seemed obvious, but when I sat back down, Rob continued the conversation without missing a beat. I have to admit, the stunt was hard to pull off. We'd be having a nice talk, then I'd run out of the room like a superhero on call.

My second change was into a strapless number. I thought for sure I'd get busted -- I had a full neckline earlier, and now there was nothing! The change seemed so dramatic, I thought the people at the next table would say something. When I returned from the rest room again (he must have thought I had bladder problems), he stared at me for a minute, then asked if I'd been wearing a collar earlier. I decided to play dumb. "Do you mean a necklace?" I asked.

Then he asked if it was the same dress I had on earlier. Bingo. I was caught. "Of course it is!" I told him, lying through my teeth. He blushed and apologized. I felt so bad, because he was so nice about the whole thing -- not to mention he was totally right!

Rob's first impressions: Emily was very nice. She had a great body and good skin. What caught my eye most, though, was her beautiful red strapless dress, which was very formfitting. It really showed off her shoulders and curves. We had a nice time, but there were no sparks. I enjoyed our conversation, but I would have liked her to be a little more spontaneous and playful.

After learning Emily's secret: I knew it! I guess she was more spontaneous than I thought! I even asked her at one point if she was wearing something different than before, but she denied it. It's good to know I'm not crazy. I guess I don't pay attention to necklines and dress details, but I noticed one of the changes. And besides, it's not like the dresses were totally different colors.

She says: I give him credit: He did catch the last switch. I just hope he forgives me. I guess men tend to look at the whole picture -- something I'll keep in mind the next time I'm deciding on a date outfit.

Date 2 -- Twins pretended to be one woman

Shazi: We were both so nervous. To me, we look different -- Nicolle's nose is a little more rounded at the tip, and my teeth are bonded -- but people still mix us up. Our own mother can't keep us straight! Even our voices are the same.

I admit, we have used it to our advantage on occasion. I even took a test for Nicolle once in high school. But we've never pulled anything like this.

We decided to go as "Shazi," so I met the guy first. I left my sister in the back of the restaurant and met Aaron near the front bar. He seemed nice. As we sat down, we started in on the typical date talk: where we were from, our jobs. I had the easy part, because I got to start the date. Nicolle would have to pick up where I left off.

Nicolle: We weren't allowed to give any details to one another, so when Shazi came back and said, "Go!" I had to wing it. I didn't even know what he looked like! He watched me wandering around aimlessly, trying to find him. I looked like I'd gotten lost coming from the bathroom. Finally, I spotted my sister's coat and said, "There you are!" I'm sure he thought I was a total ditz or, I should say, that Shazi was a total ditz.

Immediately, things got complicated. When I sat down, I asked if we could order. He said, "Uh, we just did." So then I asked him what I ordered. "You don't remember?" he asked. I quickly scanned the menu and said, "Oh, I bet I ordered chicken, didn't I?" He just nodded and looked really confused.

Shazi: After we tag-teamed again, I had no idea where Nicolle had left off, so I decided to ask him if he was going on vacation anytime soon. He looked at me oddly and said, "We just talked about this." He had asked Nicolle if she spoke Spanish and she said no; then I sat down with him later and spoke it perfectly! He was totally stunned. Despite all this, he never picked up that we were two different people. I'm not sure if that says something about us -- or him!

Aaron's first impressions: Shazi said she didn't drink, but she must have been stealing sips from my gin and tonic, because she couldn't remember what she ordered, let alone keep up with the conversation. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe she was nervous, but she couldn't remember things I'd told her five minutes before. At one point, I mentioned my trip to Mexico, and two minutes later she said, "What vacation?" I began to wonder if she had taken a "vacation" in her head. Plus, her cell phone rang three times during dinner, and she answered it, even walking away to talk! That's just rude. On her behalf, she did try to find out about me and made a huge effort to keep the conversation interesting and lively. She might be a nice person, but she needs to get it together.

After learning their secret: They were twins? Well, that explains a lot! I couldn't tell them apart at all. I was a little suspicious, though, especially when she could suddenly speak Spanish after saying she couldn't five minutes earlier. I just thought she had a short attention span. I think it's kind of cool, though. Now I can brag and say I dated twins!

Nicolle says: At least he was good-humored about it. I don't think there was a love connection for any of us. But it's interesting to see what he did -- and didn't -- pick up on.

Shazi says: Oh, that poor guy. In the end, we wound up swapping places four times. It's ironic that he thought we were being rude on our cell phones. In actuality, we were reminding each other to leave the table because we were having such a good time!

Date 3 -- Her breasts increased two cup sizes

Autumn: I started off the date "unenhanced," in a fitted red T-shirt with a low scoop neck. I'm on the thin side, so at first, the neckline wasn't a problem. When I met Alex at the bar we were both standing up, so I'm sure he caught a glimpse of my body. About 20 minutes after we were seated for dinner, I slipped into the bathroom. I put these creepy silicone falsies called Sensual Shapers into my bra -- one on each side to make the first transformation to a B-cup. It felt like I was stuffing myself with pieces of raw chicken. I have a pretty small frame, so after they were in, I looked huge. I thought, He's got to notice. Plus, we were sitting at a low table, so I had to lean over, which provided a very good view of my fake assets. They were practically lopping onto my dinner plate. Alex did glance in the direction of my chest, but I couldn't tell if he was staring at my boobs or watching me sit down. Maybe he was trying not to look for fear of insulting me.

Later, I excused myself to go to the bathroom and got ready for my Pamela Anderson premiere. I stuffed another cutlet on each side and pulled my shirt back down. I looked ridiculous. Small children could have taken shade under my chest! I was very nervous about this last change, because I liked Alex, and I didn't want him to think I was stuffing my bra. But I came out, my new boobs leading the way. He smiled when I sat down; no indication that he noticed anything. He was very smart, so I was afraid he would figure it out. Later on, he asked if he could call me again. And for the first time in my life, I had to wonder -- was it me, or my chest?

Alex's first impressions: I found Autumn sitting at the bar. She was wearing black pants and a matching black top. [Editor's note: She was wearing a red top and off-white pants!] She had a very nice body -- not curvaceous, more thin and lean. What really drew me in, though, was her pretty face and great smile. She seemed nervous -- she played with her hair, and her hands never stopped moving. Plus, she disappeared into the bathroom for 10 minutes at a time. Finally, I asked her if she was okay. She said she was fine, and I didn't want to pry. The rest of the night was smooth. We had a great conversation and I felt comfortable the entire time. She was a lot of fun overall, and I liked her. I would definitely like to ask her out again.

After learning Autumn's secret: They were fake? I took a peek at her chest in the beginning and noticed that it was small, but that's it. It's rude to stare longer. I didn't even know her shirt was red. I guess her clothes weren't that important to me. Besides, I was interested in getting to know her -- her boobs were irrelevant at that point. She did tell me during the evening that she likes to play practical jokes on people. I guess she got me!

She says: What a relief! I was so afraid he would notice and think I had insane self-image problems. Plus, I'm glad my breast size wasn't an issue to him. He admitted that he glanced, but that's to be expected. It's nice to know that it wasn't the biggest thing. Then again, maybe that's not the best choice of words...

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