What social skills are needed for kindergarten?

I have boy/girl twins who currently attend preschool two mornings a week. They are both on the shy side, although my son is definitely more shy than my daughter -- to the point where it literally took them months to speak to their teacher. They turn five shortly, and although they officially would be "ready" for kindergarten, I have my doubts. How will I know if they are ready?


In my opinion, the most important skills a child needs to enter kindergarten are social.

A child should know how to ask for what he needs, express his or her feelings verbally and be able to negotiate with other children. He or she should also, for the most part be able to sit and focus on what the teacher is saying, for at least a while and also be able to wait their turn, and to share with others.

If you feel that your children are not ready to do these things, then you should consider holding them back for a year. They will have more time to mature socially, which will be an advantage for them both.

It is certainly not uncommon for twins to take longer to branch out socially when they have each other. An extra year in preschool can be the perfect way to help your children be ready for kindergarten when the time arrives!

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