The 'Whatever, Martha' Girls Dish on Martha Stewart

Jennifer Koppelman Hutt and Alexis Stewart are making a living by mocking Martha Stewart. As the stars of the Fine Living Network's Whatever, Martha, the two women (Alexis is Martha's daughter) watch old clips from Martha Stewart Living and Martha and joke about the awkward moments, while getting a bit raunchy in the process. Stewart and Hutt chatted with iVillage about what it's like to have Martha Stewart over for dinner, what makes her a perfect target for their show and what happens when she stops by their set.

Whatever, Martha is thirty minutes a week of you two making fun of Martha Stewart. What do you say to people who think you're too mean?

Stewart: When we get that email I write back, "Perhaps you'd like to send your concerns to the executive producer and creator, Martha Stewart." I mean, it's ridiculous. We all talk about people like that when no one's looking, and that's the whole point of the show.

Does Martha ever think your humor crosses the line?

Stewart: I think she was worried about the corn lady?
Hutt: Was she worried about the corn lady? Why?
Stewart: I don't know. She was worried about some of the guests feeling bad. So was I, actually, for a millisecond.

Have you been confronted by any of the guests?

Stewart: Do you remember the twine episode from last year? He sent me a ball of twine and a really cute note. But it wasn't a really nice ball of twine. I was a little disappointed.
Hutt: You thought he was going to give up a real ball of twine to you?
Stewart: I wanted a good one, not an itchy one I had to give to my mother.
Hutt: If you had sex with him, he would have given you a nice ball of twine.
Stewart: Ew.

I love that you guys are exactly how you are on the show.

Stewart: Like I always say, we'd be in Hollywood if we could act.
Hutt: My husband reminded me two nights ago. I was doing something and he looked at me and he goes, "You are just the worst actress ever." And I met him at an acting class about 14 years ago. And he's like, "You sucked then and you suck now." And we were cracking up because I really can only be me.

I saw a preview of the Dec. 2 episode in which Martha is a guest on your show. Did you hold back with the jokes at all?

Hutt: You saw the p**** comments, and that's where it always goes, but I was a little bit reticent just because Martha was next to me. But then obviously I wasn't all that reticent because I still got her to talk about p****.

And then you made some innuendos about yoga positions.

Hutt: Did we?

Yes, you implied that Alexis did those positions outside of yoga.

Stewart: Oh, right, with the legs in the air. I remember my mother trying to make sure I understood in the James Bond movie that the girl's name was Pussy Galore. I remember her sort of trying to get me with that. So I think she just doesn't react, but she knows full well all the time what's going on.

So when you talked about" flipping the bird," do you think Martha knew what that meant before you gave her the finger?

Stewart: Well that's unclear.

Do you guys have a favorite episode?

Hutt: I really liked the camp survival kit. Just because it is all so wacky.
Stewart: She's preparing a purse for a little 12-year-old boy to take to sleep away camp.
Hutt: It was a disaster. And she puts things in it like a ribboned autograph book. I don't know a single boy -- gay or straight -- who will take a ribboned autograph book to camp. It was all sorts of things like that in this purse! In this striped, cloth purse.
Stewart: Not pretty enough for a girl, but way too cute for a boy.
Hutt: The whole episode was just how the boy could get his ass kicked.

Is it these topics, like making purses for boys, that make the show so funny?

Stewart: It's Martha's seriousness.
Hutt: Yes! Martha's conviction. It's that whatever she does, she does it so intently and without...
Stewart: Intently?
Hutt: Intently, like with great intent. She does it with such great intent and without any apology. In her mind it's great for any boy. So with an autograph book he'll get all his friends' autographs and they'll write nice things to each other. And he'll write in his diary. I mean it's really authentic in her head.
Stewart: But why for a boy? Why couldn't they have done it for a girl?
Hutt: Because they knew of a boy going to camp. It's just she does everything so deliberately.
Stewart: So enthusiastically.
Hutt: And with such conviction. And some of it is so like, "How is she doing this? How does she not realize what she's doing?"

How would you feel if someone reversed the tables and made a show called Whatever, Whatever Martha?

Stewart: Let them try to get the rights to do that.
Hutt: People make fun of us all the time. We make fun of ourselves. On our Web site we post comments on our blogs. They're downright nasty and we still post them. It's fine. It's funny.

There are plenty of women who want to be just like Martha. Do you think that's an attainable goal?

Stewart: We all know she started from nothing. It isn't being Martha. It's just doing things by yourself and getting satisfaction out of it.
Hutt: She didn't go out and do this profession and create this business so people could be like her. She did it to teach. She doesn't want anyone to be Martha. She just wants everyone to try a little harder and do things with passion.
Stewart: And not to forget how to garden. And not to forget to make something yourself.
Hutt: And how simple it is to create a pretty or aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. You don't have to be satisfied with things looking like dreck. I don't think it's about having to be her or even being remotely as accomplished as Martha. It's just trying.
Stewart: It doesn't have anything to do with doing everything. It has everything to do with doing something.

With the holidays coming up, is there pressure on you when you have Martha over for dinner?

Stewart: No, I have trouble dealing with her starting to clean out my fridge. I have to get ready to not pay attention to that kind of thing. It's usually pretty happy. She's just happy that I'm allowing her in the front door.

'Whatever, Martha' airs on the Fine Living Network on Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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